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Kreft's File

This is a copy of a page that came straight out of the media guide for the 1995-1996 season. The italicized text that follows some of the answers are the actual responses I made to the questionnaire. It seems the people in Media Services couldn't appreciate my sense of humor and took a little editorial liberty with my responses...but they can't stop me here!
I like Northwestern because...
...of it's location and because they're giving me a free education!

I chose to play basketball at Northwestern because...
...they told me if I signed I wouldn't have to go back to Polk Community College.

Northwestern basketball will be exciting to watch this year because...
...I've finally developed some post moves.

My career plans upon graduation are... in the NBA, play over in Europe or go back to my engineering job at JL Audio.

The most important role model for me is... all seriousness, [teammate] Evan Eschmeyer. Evan hs been, by far, the best coach I've ever had and I will forever be in his debt for the things he has taught me and for all the other little things he has done for me.

If I could choose to be anyone for a day it would be...
...myself. I've got enough problems of my own to worry about let alone dealing with someone elses!

On my "day off" I like to spend my time...
...looking for more days off and wreking havoc on the Internet.

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