vs. Robert Morris College
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Northwestern: 66
Robert Morris: 46
Big Dan: 0
Team Influenza: 237
Sorry, I was out with the flu for this game so I really don't have anything I can add. While my team was sprinting up and down the court to stop a fast break, I was making my own fast breaks to the restroom....only difference was that the team won, but the flu whipped my butt pretty bad (no pun intended).

As of this posting I haven't had anything substantial to eat in well over 24 hours and my distaste for grape flavored Gatorade grows exponentially with every sip I take. I can't remember the last time I had something that went "crunch" when I bit into it, or for that matter I can't even remember the last time I had to bite something to eat it!

Oh well...we've got another game on Saturday and I feel a bit better than I did the other day so I should be pretty much up to speed by then, so stay tuned.

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