1 yr Kreft Kids

About the name: Caleb Alexander


According to Zondervan's Exhaustive Concordance, 2nd ed. in Hebrew, Caleb [3979] literally means "dog; snappish, warding off". But we didn't choose it because of its literal meaning, but rather for two other reasons:

  1. The connotative meaning of Caleb is "faithful" or "one who is faithful"--just as the dog, through his faithfulness is considered "man's best friend", and

  2. Because of the Caleb in the Old Testament. In a nutshell, Caleb was one of 12 men sent to spy-out the land of Canaan after the Exodus. Of the twelve, only Caleb and Joshua trusted that God would deliver the land into their hands, despite the tremendous obstacles that they would have to overcome. As a result of his faith, Caleb was allowed to enter the Promised Land.

It is this unwavering trust in and faithfulness to the Lord Jesus Christ that we pray that our son displays as he grows up.


Alexander comes from the Greek Alexandros [235], which according to Zondervan means "defender of men".


Not a Biblical name, but rather of German origin. I am told, though am not sure how to verify, that Kreft is a variant of Kraft, which means strong or strength.

All in all, we pray that our son would be a defender of the fatherless, the widow, and of those too weak to defend themselves. We pray that he would be faithful to the Lord even as Christ is faithful, and that he would always be strong in his faith...with a strength that comes not by his own might or power, but by the power of the Holy Spirit that we pray He would one day invite to dwell within him.

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