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The Golf Cart, pt. II

The second time I hijacked ol' Marvin's cart was after a varsity basketball game. I got bored sitting around waiting for my friends to come out when I saw it--all four wheels and that stupid canopy. I looked around for potential law enforcement personnel but saw none. I crept in for a closer look and much to my delight, the keys were in the ignition. "Good Lord this guy is a moron!" You'd think that after coming out to see his cart churning up dirt across the soccer field with a brick on the accelerator that he would get the message and take the keys with him. I vowed a silent vow to myself that every time he left the keys in the cart, I would take it for a little joy-ride. If he finally learned to remove the keys I would just hotwire it to really confuse him (I've always had an interest in anything that runs on electricity). I jumped in, started it up and took it for a little spin.

I didn't want to get snagged for this, my second offence, so I left the lights off and cruised around in "stealth mode". This proved to be a somewhat rash move--it was very dark out and people were getting in their cars to leave after the game. As I tore around in the small parking lot, accelerator pushed all the way to the floor, I almost crashed into 3 cars and several pedestrians all the while screaming like a cowboy-- "YaaaaHOOOOO!". So much for not wanting to attract attention--that much fun must be shared. But the fun didn't last long. It never does.

Marvin stepped out of the gym and stared at the spot where his cart once rested. Then, hearing the horns of cars taking evasive action around me, he saw me tearing around the lot. "Arrrrghrhghrgrhgj!" I don't know what he said, but I think he was a little upset. Fearing a garden rake assault, I whipped the cart around, turned on the lights and drove it directly at him, accelerator still mashed to the floor. Ol' Marvin was standing near a big ficus tree and (I think) demanding that I return the cart to him. Swerving to avoid yet another car (missed me only by about 3 inches), I ran full speed at Marvin. When I got within 3 feet of him, I mashed the brake and left a nice set of black marks stretching from the pavement continuing into the grass where he stood.

When I stood up, my heart was pounding...I didn't know what drool-boy was going to do to me and I had been in enough trouble that semester to warrant a suspension so I really didn't want him telling anyone about my little adventure. I started talking--fast. I told him that he shouldn't leave his keys in the cart because someone might steal the cart and crash it which would mean that old Marv would be in a whole world of hurt when his boss Karl found out. I told him that I just saved him his job. He agreed and thanked my wholeheartedly. Dork.

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